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Photography Tips

Post by Admin on Mon Apr 10, 2017 5:05 pm

Hi everyone,
As you know one of our current projects is getting every store on facebook. At this point, we have the majority of our locations on Facebook! I want to make sure that everyone has the tools they need to publish content and engage with their followers.
We have provided a folder with pictures that you can use on social media (the link is below) and we will be adding pictures trough time.
We take pictures of our products as needed, if you ever want a specific picture of something please let us know and if we do not have one on file we can take one.
But If you’d like to share a picture of a pizza, calzone, salad or anything in your store here are a few tips that we like to follow when photographing pizza or food.

Please try not to use any filters that add contrast, shade or light. Sometimes the contrast on these filters will make the pizza look burned and unattractive. If you have additional tips please share them with us.

Lastly here are a few things that you can post about on Facebook:
-Delivery Time
-New job openings
-New promotions
-Daily specials
-Talk about events/news around the city
-Promote party packs, they are great with sports!
-Pictures of your store, employees at work, etc
-Pictures and short stories about the staff, management, and owners

You can watch our last Local Store Marketing Webinar about Facebook here:

Link to more pictures:

Karina Rodriguez
Marketing Assistant
Pizza 9 Franchise System LLC


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